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Growing up on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest, if I wasn’t outside playing until dusk, I was at the kitchen table drawing, painting and creating. As a child, there was nothing better than getting new art supplies from the variety store in our small town. My art training other than a class in high school was a two-year art course I did from home when our kids were young. I ended up winning a full scholarship for that course because of a cartoon I drew for the school wide “Charles Schulz Cartoon Competition.” That win was a blessing for many reasons, but mostly because it gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my art.


I'm cautious to use the term “self-taught artist." Even though I have spent countless hours over several years reading books and blogs, watching videos and shows, taking workshops and studying any piece of art that speaks to me and practicing what I’ve learned, I didn’t teach myself everything as I’ve learned from a plethora of wonderful artists, some in person and some not. So even though I couldn’t tell you all of their names right now, my art education includes learning from those artists and teachers who are ahead of me on the artistic pathway and for that, I am grateful. Before you could look everything up online, it was a challenge to figure out what mediums artists were using to create their artwork. There's been a lot of trial and error on my journey but I’m so glad for the experience.


For my illustrations I use watercolor, art markers and colored pencils. My fine art paintings however, are created using oil paints, specifically water mixable oil paints. I can't quite explain how much I enjoy working with oil. I have painted with acrylics for years creating everything from murals to personalized art for children's rooms and nurseries. As much as I enjoy working with acrylic, oils have brought another level of delight to my time painting and I hope that is evident in every piece I paint. Drawing, painting and illustrating is something I believe God has put in me to do to help spread joy and I can think of nothing outside of being with my loved ones, that brings me more pleasure.


I’m happily married to my high-school sweetheart Eric and we are raising our two pretty awesome kids, Ellie and Luke, on the same tiny island where it all started.

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